ProLEAN.Ing  your expert for ...

  • cost down projects 
  • lead time improvments
  • quality improvments


  • Do you have the the thoughts the production expanses could be brought down?
  • If you think you rather like to negotiate with your suppliers less for more clearance for the important projekts?
  • If your goal is a quality enhancment but the exoanses for it should not be much higher as currently?
  • If you think the lead times of your Produktion lines could be shorter as presently



...if this is the case we are shure today is the right time to contact us.


the  ProLEAN.Ing Team




is to score with


and with comprehencive


the to gain the maximun on


for our customers



 typical indications for potential on optimizing

...permanent overstress on technical equipment on personal resources

...frequent occurrence of overtime for some employee

...overstress in distinctive cases

...high Expanses in time for remedies an corrective Actions
...serious difficulties in recruiting skilled employees

...permanent losses caused by seeking, bringing, waiting, clarifying explaining

...insufficient recorded expenses or missing fault management

...same faulty for several times

...if you think you pay to much for internal expenses


ProLEAN.Ing is offering you ...

  • a skilled eye for transparency in your Company
  • a second skilled eye without a filter for organizational blindness
  • many years of practical experience in technical and economical projects
  • the security to have your projects in skilled and experienced Hands 




an all that with ...

30 years of expirience in practical production and manufacturing